5 Sureshot Ways To Stop Hiccups Instantly!

Hiccups can be embarrassing in the middle of any conversation. It breaks the flow of your talk and if you do it in front of others while they are talking to you, they will get distracted and the situation will be awkward. But hiccups are pretty much like sneezing, you have no control over it. The worst part is that the hiccups are repetitive. Technically speaking, a hiccup occurs when the diaphragm suddenly contracts quite involuntarily. This blocks the flow of air and the annoying sound comes out. Thankfully, there are certain scientific ways to control hiccups instantly and carry on your conversation like usual.

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1. Block Your Ears

All you need to do is put your fingers in your ears for good 30 seconds. If that does not work, press the soft earlobes from behind just below the skull base. This sends a relaxation signal to the nerve that connects to the diaphragm.

2. Drink Water

Many people do not drink water when they get hiccups in the fear that water will be pushed out of your esophagus and spill outside. On the contrary, having a few gulps on water will save you from the embarrassment. It works even better when you have water with a straw. If you want a better result in case it does not work, then drink water and also keep your ears blocked with your finger. This is definitely going to work. The reason we are mentioning other options is that we can find the possible solution nearby when the hiccups come by.

3. Breath In A Paper Bag

If you are in the market and you get continuous hiccups, you can ask for a paper bag and breath in and out inside it. The pressure of carbon dioxide in the blood will increase and diaphragm will open up more and contract less.

4. Chewing Lemon or Honey Solution

If you are at home, you need to find a piece of lemon of any type and chew it. Alternatively, you can make a solution of warm water and honey and drink it. What these do is that they stimulate the vagus nerve that connects to the diaphragm and this stimulation can make the hiccups disappear.

5. Acupuncture

If you believe that acupuncture can do wonders, you should try to pressure the middle spot or the joining spot of the collar bones which is just below your neck. If you happen to suffer from hiccups regularly, you can try it to get rid of regular annoying occurrence. You can also try the same with the spot above your upper lip.

Apart from these, you can try to inhale quickly and exhale slowly and the sudden contraction will no more be there and the hiccups will stop.

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