7 Most Classic Hair problems and immediate cure at home!

Not all of us can look badass without hair like Jason Statham, Vin Diesel, or Dwayne Johnson. Hair is most probably the biggest asset of a person, be it a man or a woman. It has been considered as an integral element to enhances the appearance of a person. Therefore it becomes vital, for us mortal humans to take care of our precious hair. You have a bad hair day once a month, that's ok but every day? That's a big NO!




1. Stop hair Loss



One sure shot way to stop hair loss is oil treatment. Oil from coconut, olive, canola or castor can be used. Warm up the oil and massage your scalp, leave it overnight and shampoo it off for preventing baldness!





2. Unwanted hair growth 



Take some sugar, lemon extract and some water, mix them well. Apply this liquid on to the are that has unwanted hair for about 15 min. and then wash it off with cold water. 




3. Stop premature graying of hair



Mix 1 part of coconut oil with one part of lemon extract and apply it all over your head. Leave it for about 20 min. and wash it off. Graying should effectively be reduced from then on. Repeat the process for better results.




4. Dont' want dry & dull hair?



Beer can also act as a moisturizer for your hair, yes your Corona and stuff! While taking a shower make sure to pour some beer over your hair to make it smoother and shinier. 




5. Stop your hair from getting frizzy!



No one like frizzy tangles hair, except for those who can't help but have them! Take some honey and some milk, mix them together to get a gooey fluid. Apply this mixture to your scalp and wash off after 15 to 20 min. 




6. Prevent split ends



Papaya is known as God's own fruit for its medicinal properties are endless. Take some Papaya sans seeds and skin, and make a mixture with some yogurt to get a thick yet smooth paste. Apply this paste all over your hair and let it settle for about 45 min. Then wash it off to prevent splits from ever happening.


7. Get rid of dandruff!



Lemon is the single, most efficient solution to most of our hair cries. cut open some lemons and use the peels, preferably 3 to 4 and boil it in about 5 cups water. Let it cool down and use the solution to wash your hair off of dandruff. Repeat this at least once a week to get rid of dandruff.


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