'I Love You' are the three magical words in human life. The three words have the power to describe everything a person has to say to another person. When in a relationship, girls die to hear those three words for their boyfriends. According to some statistics, nearly 40% of men say it in the very first month of their relationship while most of the girl girls take nearly three months to confess their love. Nearly 80% of men remember saying it the first time.

Well, 20% who do not remember, they must have said it to cheat. In this post, we will give you '365 Reasons Why I Love You' to please your lover. You can use them to message him/her every day and surprise him/her with a new reason. You can even write them on pieces of paper and put them in a jar and give it as a gift to remember forever. 



Check Out 365 Reasons Why I Love You



1.     You are the light of my life.


2.     You are the happiness of my life.


3.     My world is incomplete without you. 


4.     You are the soul of my life.


5.     You make me feel alive.


6.     You are the gift that God sent me.


7.     I cannot imagine a moment without you.


8.     You are my soulmate.


9.     You are an integral part of my life.


10.     You are the breath that keeps me alive.


11.     You are the drug of my life. 


12.     Every time I hold your hand, I know it is meant to be.


13.     You make me feel like I am in heaven. 


14.     You are the chosen one. 


15.     You understand me the best.


16.     I love the way you love me back.


17.     I know you won’t cheat me every.


18.     You love me the way i love you.


19.     You can’t help but love you.


20.     We are better together all the time.


21.     I love you because of who you are.


22.     I love you because of everything you do for me selflessly.


23.     You are the perfection I can ever have.


24.     You are the personification of beauty.


25.     You are honest and good at heart.


26.     You are not afraid of saying the truth when you need to.


27.     You do not pretend like everyone else.


28.     Everything about us is a fairy tale.


29.     You make me feel like royalty.


30.     I love you because of the way you touch, hug and kiss me.


31.     You are my stress-buster.


32.     You can never be angry with me.


33.     You are the sunshine of my life.


34.     You are my god/goddess of earth.


35.     You are the one I dream about all the time.


36.     You are amazing just the way you are.


37.     You are the best friend I can ever have. 


38.     I know I am safe with you.


39.     You know my feeling as much as I know.


40.     You can sacrifice everything for me.


41.     My dreams and goals are incomplete without you.


42.     You never complain about my flaws but sweetly rectify them.


43.     You hold the key to my heart. 


44.     You are simply stunning.


45.     You are the funniest person I ever met in my life. 


46.     I cannot imagine a day without you.


47.     The way you mean everything to me. 


48.     I can see your love in your eyes. 


49.     You make me feel like I never felt before.



50.     You made me believe in love at first sight.


51.     A day without you is the day wasted. 


52.     Everything moment we spend together becomes memorable.


53.     We are inseparable.


54.     You take my breath away.


55.     Our relationship is effortless.


56.     You are mine.


57.     You will never give up on me.


58.     I will love you for the rest of my life.


59.     I will do anything to make you happy.


60.     Together, we can do the impossible.


61.     You make me smile when I am sad.


62.     We complement each other. 


63.     I can never get enough of you.


64.     I feel like hugging you all the time.


65.     I love to have you beside me all the time.


66.     I can’t just resist you.


67.     You are my heaven.


68.     You complete my life.


69.     Your confidence inspires me.


70.     I love the way you look at me.


71.     I love the way you talk to me.


72.     Your love has not decreased even slightly. 


73.     You are an integral part of my life goals.


74.     You make my life melodious.


75.     I know you are the one and the only true love.


76.     You are the best buddy I could ever ask for.


77.     You make me feel like I am at the top of the world. 


78.     Of how much you love me.


79.     Your love for me is special. 


80.     The little things you say make me joyful.


81.     I love you because You let me be me.


82.     You make me feel like a prince/princess.


83.     You make my life sparkle.


84.     You make me forget about all the worries, anxieties and stress.


85.     You make my life adventurous. 


86.     You make my troubles fade away. 


87.     Even in fights, you love me the most.


88.     You are the only one I see in the crowd.


89.     We always reside in each other’s heart. 


90.     You always make me feel like home.


91.     You are the true friend and true lover.


92.     You can make me happy forever.


93.     Your love touch is magical.


94.     Of the warmth of your love.


95.     I love you because even in fights, I feel like kissing you.


96.     You are my insurance.


97.     The way you care for me.


98.    Without you, my life comes to a standstill.


99.     You make me feel great.


100.     You are the excitement of my life.




101.     You make my life rock.


102.     You are the coolest person I have ever seen. 


103.     The petty things you do for me to make you smile.


104.     You are simply the best I can afford. 


105.     We are made for each other.


106.     We are born to be together.


107.     We are beyond time and space. 


108.     How concern you are about me.


109.     There is no way I can stop thinking about us.


110.     You are the brightness that my life needs.


111.     You make every date feel special.


112.     Every day you make me feel like Valentine's Day.


113.     You are my only strength.


114.     You never judge me.


115.     You never suspect me.


116.     Ever your silly acts make me happy.


117.     I can share everything with you.


118.     Together, we can make the world a better place.


119.     You listen to me without getting mad when you should have.


120.     You don’t complain about my dominance. 


121.     You are awesome in bed.


122.     You make our love making natural.


123.     Our love is unconditional.


124.     I start living my life when I fell in love with you.


125.     You never demand anything from me in our relationship.


126.     You let me be natural and cozy.


127.     You are beyond comparison. 


128.     I enjoy things when we are together.


129.     Even my worse days seem to be great.


130.     You dissolve me in your love.


131.     You give me everything you have.


132.     I love you because of the passion in our love.


133.     You are a wonderful lover.


134.     You are going to be my lovely wife.


135.     God listened to my prayer and sent you to me.


136.     This is what I can do for the rest of my life.


137.     You are my sweetheart.


138.     I want you every morning and night in my bed.


139.     You cleared the mess of my life.


140.     You are the guiding star of my life.


141.     You make me feel safe and secure.


142.     There are no ups and downs in our relationship.


143.     Your love is priceless.


144.     Your life philosophy and morals.


145.     The way you say my name like million bucks.


146.     You walk and smile like the happiest person on earth.


147.     You are born romantic.


148.     The way you look at me with your expressive eyes.


149.     You are not a stereotype.


150.    You are my security deposit.




151.     Your eyes make me forget everything.


152.     You are always faithful.


153.     You always text me when we are apart.


154.     You make my life cool.


155.     You are my rock and roll.


156.     Your cute intelligence.


157.     Your presence of mind.


158.     I love you for your positive influence on me.


159.     You support me like no one. 


160.     You are my treasure.


161.     I love you because of the "missing you songs" you compose for me. 


162.     Your love poems on me.


163.     You are the first thing I think in the morning.


164.     You are my last thought before I go to sleep.


165.     You are very mature. 


166.     You make me proud.


167.     You are an achievement for me.


168.     You changed my life for good.


169.     You make me laugh even when you are not around.


170.     You give me butterflies in my stomach.


171.     I can stare at your photos for days.


172.     You are the favorite topic of my conversation. 


173.     How you are always there when it matters. 


174.     You always push me to be a better person.


175.     You never get tired talking to me. 


176.     How patient and understanding you are.


177.     Your social media status and WhatsApp DP are always about me.


178.     Your voice sounds so comforting.


179.     You always respect my point of view.


180.     You always cry for me when I cry.


181.     You love all my imperfections.


182.     I cannot picture my life without you.


183.     I can tell you anything without a second thought.


184.     The songs you dedicate to me.


185.     I am afraid of losing you.


186.     You promised me you will never leave me.


187.     You bring the best out of my potentials. 


188.     You are who you are.


189.     I love you because of the little cheesy names you call me with.


190.     I can act like a child with you.


191.     You make me learn things which I once hated.


192.     Our love proves true love exists.


193.     Your kisses melt my heart all the time.


194.     You are the best 12 months of every year.


195.     I love making love to you.


196.     My future is dark without you.


197.     You never resist me in anything.


198.     You picked me over others.


199.     You are never tired of saying you love me. 


200.     You love me the way you do.




201.     Everything about you interests me. 


202.     You make my memories sweet.


203.     You are the cutest person I have ever met.


204.     We will grow old together.


205.     My home is incomplete without your presence. 


206.     You are the love of my life.


207.     You always explain things when I am confused.


208.     You make me feel like a celebrity.


209.     The flame of my love will never extinguish.


210.     We can make magic.


211.     We are the perfect match.


212.     We are the ultimate couple.


213.     You have taught me the true meaning of love.


214.     You are an anti-depressant. 


215.     I have rediscovered myself when you came to my life.


216.     You are the anti-dote to the poison in my life.


217.     You always turn me on.


218.     I love making you happy.


219.     We have so much in common.


220.     Our chemistry and bonding are an example for others.


221.     You are the best part of every day.


222.     I can proudly say I have someone special.


223.     I love daydreaming about you.


224.     You are my fantasy.


225.     You are a guilty pleasure.


226.     I want to make love to you every moment.


227.     You are my sweet dream.


228.     You are my family.


229.     Everything I have is yours.


230.     You always love me more than yesterday.


231.     You tell me all your secrets.


232.     You always make me blush.


233.     You are always in my mind.


234.     I can sacrifice everything for you.


235.     You are my motivation and inspiration.


236.     You are the one I idolize.


237.     You respect me all the time. 


238.     My eyes always sparkle and make me miss my beat.


239.     You love taking photos with me.


240.     The way you kiss me like there is no tomorrow.


241.     The way you feel me up.


242.     You let me touch your body without obstruction.


243.     The way you cuddle me.


244.     You profile picture always have us together.


245.     The way you show your affection in public places too.


246.     You make my seconds worthy.


247.     You are stupid enough to ditch me.


248.     You are the craziest thing that happened to my life.


249.     I cannot remember a bad memory about us.


250.     You gave me a second chance.




251.     I am never tired of looking at you.


252.     You can never stay mad at me for long.


253.     You are the only thing I need in my life.


254.     You let me spoil you.


255.     You love is my love.


256.     You are the reason I check my phone all the time.


257.     You add the color of my life.


258.     You are just too good for me.


259.     You always set the mood for me.


260.     You are my life partner.


261.     You are my partner in crime.


262.     I can see you when I close my eyes. 


263.     You are so sexy.


264.     The way you lay on my chest.


265.     You are an open minded person.


266.     I can be crazy around you.


267.     The way you hold my hand in public places.


268.     You are one in a million.


269.     You make me ecstatic without doing anything.


270.     You gave me your heart.


271.     I love you because of unending your love.


272.     You make my life sensible.


273.     I cannot stop falling in love with you.


274.     You are the music of my life.


275.     You are the iPhone of my life.


276.     You drive me wild and wet.


277.     You never run of words to express your feelings.


278.     You never hold back your love. 


279.     I am addicted to you.


280.     You are the sunshine of my life.


281.     You rule my world.


282.     You are the celebrity I ever wanted to meet. 


283.     I cannot compare you to anything in this world.


284.     Make you feel fresh every day.


285.     You listen to my stories even when they are stupid.


286.     You are never afraid to show the world how much you love me.


287.     You are fun in bed.


288.     You are unique.


289.     You are all I ever wanted to have in my life.


290.     You make me believe in my dreams.


291.     You are humble and a down to earth person.


292.     You belong is with me.


293.     You are the most precious possession of my life.


294.     You always know what I am going to say.


295.     You always know what to say.


296.     You let me tease you.


297.     You always find a bright side in everything I do.


298.     I cannot do without you.


299.     You are next to my parents.


300.     I love you because you smell amazing.




301.     You never fail to surprise me.


302.     You have designed your life around me. 


303.     You make me love you.


304.     There is not a thing I would change in you.


305.     I love you for everything we are together.


306.     I could kiss you anywhere all day long.


307.     You would travel any distance to meet me.


308.     You are the reality of my life.


309.     You are larger than my life.


310.     You are my dream come true.


311.     You will stay up all night to talk to me. 


312.     The way you kiss me when I get hurt.


313.     The way you mood affects my mood.


314.     The way you make up concentrate on my present.


315.     I love you because of our inseparable bond.


316.     You apologize even when it is my fault.


317.     I am your biggest fan. 


318.     You are not ashamed of getting naked in front of me.


319.     You always chose the best thing for me.


320.     Of your charming personality.


321.     Being with you is awesome.


322.     You are a treat to my soul.


323.     You are hot and sexy.


324.     You always compliment me like I am the best in the world.


325.     You make a lot of adjustment without protest.


326.     You are always ready to give me all the pleasures. 


327.     You do not compare me with others.


328.     You are a terrific cook and a loving partner.


329.     You are omnipresent.


330.     You will hang out with me rather than your best friend.


331.     You are my first priority.


332.     You know my weakness and never bring them up.


333.     You always correct my wrong steps.


334.     You mean the world to me.


335.     I would die for you.


336.     Our bodies fit perfectly into one another.


337.     I feel so comfortable with you.


338.     You always forgive my wrong doings.


339.     You always remember the best events of my life.


340.     You make every event extraordinary.


341.     You are my teddy bear.


342.     You always call me at night in spite of being busy.


343.     You always call me by new cute names.


344.     You made me popular among your friends. 


345.     You are not afraid of confessing your love to your parents. 


346.     It feels like we have been together forever. 


347.     You would lie just to be with me.


348.     I will always follow you wherever you go.


349.     You let me take a nap on your lap.


350.     You cook my favorite dish for me.




351.     Your gifts are so thoughtful.


352.     The way you kiss my hand.


353.     I cannot keep my hands off you.


354.     You are my favorite destination. 


355.     You are always there waiting for me online.


356.     The way you tickle me.


357.     The way you made me.


358.     The way you changed my life.


359.     I am stronger than ever with you.


360.     Your love is passionate.


361.     Always think about other’s happiness.


362.     The best is yet to come.


363.     These words say everything I ever wanted to say.


364.     You are the wonder of my life.


365.     There are more reasons than words cannot explain. 


Can you think of any other reason why you should say I love you? Do share them in the comment section below.