15 Things You Should Never Do Before Going To Bed!

Sleep is a basic necessity of in our life but the problem is that 35% of us don't get enough sleep. A human being requires at least 6 hours of proper sleep to let the body function optimally. There are numerous reasons why a person is unable to sleep properly at night and eventually lead to sleeplessness.

One may feel sleepy before going to bed but if you do certain things before going to bed, you will never get a deep sleep and at worse, very short duration of sleep. Naturally, your quality of life will suffer in the day time with lethargicness, agitation, and stress. Curious to know what those activities are that keep you awake at night? Find them out below.



1. Changing The Sleeping Rhythm –



It refers to the change in sleeping times. Like, if we are going to bed at 10 pm on all days except weekends, we are sure to face difficulties while sleeping on weekends. Therefore, maintain a constant sleeping time every day. 


2. Overeating –



How many times have you overeaten? If we ever feel that our stomach is heavier than normal, you won't get a good sleep.


3. Consumption Of Alcohol –



It may seem wrong, but if you think that alcohol leads to easy sleep, you are wrong. Sleep means rest, but sleeping after consuming alcohol will lead to uneasy and weary sleep. This is because alcohol reduces REM (rapid eye movement) or deep sleep.


4. Utilizing A Tablet Or Cell Phone –



We love to read eBooks, messaging our friends under blankets and playing our favorite game. We enjoy it, but our brains hate it to death. It is because of electromagnetic radiations from these devices that keep our eyes and brain haunted.


5. Drinking Water Immediately Before Sleep –



Nobody says that drinking water isn’t important, it obviously is, but if we have hydrated our body appropriately throughout the day,  it is unnecessary to drink water before sleep. Drinking water causes pee, and waking up to pee disturbs our sleep.


6. Exercising –



It is the best thing ever to do, but not before you sleep. Don't ever think of exercising before going to bed. It makes the brain release certain hormones which are the cause of our body to be alert.


7. Eating Junk Food –



Eating junk food is bad at all time of the day. Eating it before sleep is even worse. It causes our metabolism rate to increase which leads to an increase in temperature and hence, leading to uneasy sleep.


8. Oversleeping A Day Before –



If you sleep too much the previous day, you probably can't sleep well the next day. Our body has a set rhythm which when disturbed leads to difficulties.


9. Never Take Hot Water Bath Before Bed –



Your body temperature decreases in the evening, but after the dusk, if you take a warm bath, it will lead the body to cool down again. This will ruin your sleep.


10. Say No To Coffee –



Coffee contains a very high level of caffeine, which leads to alertness. You should never drink it at night even if you feel the urge. 


11. Chocolate –



You might think that it has nothing to do with sleep, right? No, it is another big source of caffeine which increases heart rate and causes sleeplessness.


12. Thinking About Work Burden –



The main reason why people can't sleep is that they are overstressed by their work. One in this condition can never sleep peacefully.


13.Smoking –  



This is the worst thing you should always avoid even if it is daytime. It contains nicotine (a component of tobacco) which has the same symptoms as tobacco and alcohol and leads to sleeplessness.


14. Too High Or Low Temperature –



Never sleep in extreme temperatures as this leads to discomfort. Our brain releases certain hormones which make our muscles vibrate (when too cold) or we start sweating (when hot). These hormones also result in more alertness and hence, you should ensure to keep the room temperature optimal.


15. Let You Pet Sleep Alone – 



It is obvious that pets can do hilarious things at night starting from licking, pushing or even jumping over you if you sleep with it beside you. Rather, you should make a separate space for it to sleep and only after it has slept, you should sleep. 


If you avoid the above-mentioned things and maintain a stress-free healthy life, deep sleep will be a natural occurrence every night.




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