15 Money Saving Tips When Going On A Vacation

Who does not like to travel to new places and make their life worth every moment? But we cannot always do what you love to because of money constraints. Going to a vacation is always expensive and hence, it becomes once in a long while event.

If you are a smart spender, you can save a lot the next time you go to a trip and hence, with the saved money you can start planning the next vacation far ahead of others. Here are 15 money saving tips while going on a vacation.



1. Transportation:



Try to go for a cheaper mode of transportation. If the journey is for a short distance then go by bus and for longer journeys, there’s always a train.


2. Air Transport:



If your journey can be made only via air, then select ‘Round Trip’, it comes a bit cheaper compared to one way.


3. Planning Meals:



Avoid taking meals in the hotels, it will be expensive. Go for eating in cheaper restaurants with combo facilities.


4. Car Rentals:



When going for renting a car, compare the pricing of different service providers. Also look for the size of the car, do not go for big cars if you have fewer people with you.


5. Staying in a Hotel:



If you have to stay for a few days, then go for a vacation home rather than a hotel. You can also find home exchanges in many countries which are better than staying in hotels.


6. Preferring Suites:



Staying in a two-bedroom suite is much cheaper than asking for two separate rooms in a hotel. It will also provide you a homely stay.


7. Selecting the area for staying:



When you have to book a room for yourself or for your group, then never go for commercial areas, as they are highly priced. Take a 10-15 minutes drive and go to nearby areas to find rooms at a much cheaper rate.


8. Shopping:



If you want to go for shopping then never do any shopping inside the airport, as it will cost double the price of anything. Have some patience and venture into the traveling city’s markets.


9. Consider Walking:



If you want to visit any tourist site or market or any other place, then find out the distance. If it is located at a close distance then you can consider walking rather than booking a car.


10. Going to the grocery store:



When you have to buy small things including snacks, packaged drinking water or any other thing then go to a grocery store rather than getting inside a mall.


11. Look for discounts:



When entering any store, make sure that they provide discounts. There can also be special discounts for students or also for certain membership holders or group discounts.


12. Currency:



If you are planning to have a foreign trip then opt for countries where the exchange rate is higher compared to your own country of residence. The exchange of currency in some countries including Thailand is relatively lower compared to other countries.


13. Carrying less:



When going on any vacation, then consider having less luggage. You can save money and energy both. You don’t have to seek help from people to carry your things and also it will be cheaper if you are traveling by air.


14. Leave your toiletries:



You should know that most of the hotels provide free toiletries like soap, toothpaste, and other things. So don’t carry it and don’t consider buying it when you reach your destination.


15. Do a proper research:



The most important thing, wherever you travel, do a proper research on the country or city of your journey. Gather proper knowledge and collect all the necessary information and then proceed.


Next time you go for a trip, take the above-mentioned steps and you will be able to plan your next vacation sooner than you could anticipate. 



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