15 Absolutely Essential Apps for Women – The Must-Have List!


Today, nearly 12 after the first smartphone was introduced by IBM, we can confidently say that we have an application to run any kind of errand, do any kind of job and basically get anything done from the comfort of your, well palms. One category with an outburst of apps is that of Women's essentials. Right from tracking your pills and menstrual cycles or even ensuring your safety to piling up on Starbucks points, it's all here. Take a look at the 'Apps for Women' list!



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Check out these essential apps for women


1. myPill




This app is used to keep a track of all the birth control pills, rings or patches you take, helps you to keep a track of your cycles, reminds you to take a visit to the doctor and more!




2. Clue




This is a menstrual cycle tracker app, with a neat set of graphics, letting you know when it's due, no surprises and all that! It even allows you to find that baby-window, in a simple and streamlined interface!




3. SitOrSquat




It's always difficult for women to find public restrooms, but no more with this app. It gives the info of all the restrooms nearby including user reviews, neat!




4. OPI




Never regret a nail color choice, ever! This app allows you to test it on your fingernails before you have it on.




5. Mint





This app is a financial organizer, that puts together all the information you need like your investments, savings, expenses, how you can cut back on them and more!




6. Shopstyle




These are your regular installs & apparently, must have apps for women. they also have additional features like reminding users of sales and alerts when a particular item is back and stock etc!


7. Eternal Sunshine




This is not so much an app but an extension for chrome. What it does is, it hides all the evidence that you had an ex from Facebook. Thus, avoiding all unforeseen awkward encounters!




8. Starbucks




This is the all-in-one Starbucks app! Literally, everything that Starbucks has to offer, mobile pay, reward points, discounts and more!




9. Venmo/Splitwise




This is money manager app, with a bit more features. If you feel awkward to ask your friend that $5 from the restaurant last weekend, don't worry just Venmo them!




10. Spotify




These are for the music lovers, listen to any song on the go, provided that you have an active internet connection. You can store the songs for offline play too!




11. VSCO cam




Hands down, the most versatile camera app. It has a myriad of tools to edit and even a community where you can share your masterpieces!




12. Evernote




The undisputed king of notepads – Evernote. You can do literally anything, from making note of to-do lists, ideas, images, and can even sync across all kinds of devices!




13. Eve by Glow





This one is available only for iOS users. It keeps a track of your sexual activity, your health and symptoms & reminds you to go to the doctors if anything seems odd.




14. SoundHound 




With this app, you can identify that song you listened to at the restaurant and go home and download, I mean buy it, buy it of course!




15. Circle of 6




Through this app, you can choose up to 6 contacts to whom you can send a distress call and your location during times of emergency when you just can't dial anyone explicitly!



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