14 Gifts For The Superhero Fans Friends In Your Life



Whether they worship the Marvel Universe or belong to the DC Fandom or prefer some other superheroes; there’s something here for everyone. 



1. T-shirts




So that when they wear the T-shirt with their favorite superhero’s logo on it, they feel like a superhero. You can find a T-shirt for almost any superhero online. Gift them to your friends and become a super-friend.





2. Mugs



Your friend will thank you every morning when they drink coffee from this superhero mug and get energized.





3. Badges



These badges can be worn by them on clothes, bags, caps etc to declare their love for their favorite superhero.


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4. Phone Covers




Because what better way to showcase your superhero love than something you use all day. Gift them this cover and you’ll surely receive a Thank-you call.





5. Socks




Because one can never have too many socks especially after one sock from the pair keeps on disappearing mysteriously. And it’s super fun to have superhero socks peeking beneath the trousers at a boring meeting





6. Boxers



For those superhero fans who might find Superman’s tight red briefs a bit uncomfortable, gift them comfy boxers to lounge around all day.





7. Wall Art



Make them remove the age old posters they bought in school and covered their wall with and put on amazing wall art.Some sites even let you design your own wall art, so if they have some precious art of their favorite superhero, you can convert it into awesome wall art and gift it to them.




8. Cushions



For their superhero to protect them while they go to sleep, gift them some cool cushions to adorn their bed.


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9. Bust Bank



Make them take a trip down memory lane by giving them a piggy bank to store their money in, only instead of a pig make sure the bank looks like their favorite superhero.


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10. Funkos



Funkos are miniature toys that look great on bookshelves, study tables or simply anywhere you put them. Choose from a great variety of Funkos and gift them something of their choice.


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11. Flip Flops



Because life is too short to wear boring, non-statement flipflops.





12. Headphones



So that they get the full experience when they are listening to the soundtrack of their favorite superhero movie.





13. Jewellery



Who knew that now you can even get Superhero jewelry like rings, earrings, pendants etc. Some people are even getting married using superhero rings. I’m sure the superhero fan in your life would appreciate such cool jewelry.





14. Comics 



This one is something very obvious, isn’t it? Any superhero fan would love to receive a comic of their favorite superhero. Some even get comics framed and hang them on their walls.


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