13 Things Every ‘Desi’ With A Crush Will Definitely Relate To


Ah…the time when we had crushes. School corridors, college classrooms, and basketball grounds are witness to the crush interludes. Remember the times when you went red when he/she called you by name and you jumped to cloud nine? Yea…those were the days!


Here we present a trip down the memory lane and see if you can relate too to these 13 things!!


1. The Red Blush


You blush every time your crush looks at you or you just imagine he/she is looking at you.






2. Bhabi/Jiju


You have warned all your friends that she/he is yours and everybody refers to him/her as Bhabi or Jiju.








Playing flames during break times and over the moon when the last letter left behind in “M.”






4. Check your phone constantly


Even if there’s a small vibration, you leave everything behind and pick up the phone in a hope that it might be your crush.






5. Plan entire future in your head


Plan your dates, marriage, and honeymoon in your head but never have the courage to even ask them out.






6. Bumping


Bumping into your crush and behaving like it’s a big coincidence when in reality you always hang out at the places that your crush visits.






7. Stalk


You become a stalker and stalk your crush’s social media accounts and try to find out the people he/she hangs out with.






8. Extensive research


You go the extra mile to learn everything about your crush – their likes and dislikes, family history, places they have visited, etc.






9. Monitor every monitor


You monitor his/her every movement. You know the subjects they have taken, their bathroom timings, lunch timings, etc. Might sound creepy now, but it was sweet during school times.






10. Become their errand boy


You try to make yourself needed and important for your crush by doing their work for them.






11. A walk to remember


A single walk alongside them becomes a happy memory for a lifetime and makes you feel privileged for the rest of your life.






12. Astrology


You might have guffawed at astrologers for your entire life but once a crush steps into your life, you start believing them and try to find their names/initials on the lines of your hand.






13. Every song depicts the way you feel


Once you have a crush on someone, Bollywood songs come to your rescue while you imagine away your life with them. Every song relates and states the way you feel and now, you feel nostalgic just thinking about it!





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