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12 Most Attractive Female Prisoners in the World


Females behind the bars always make the news because there is only a handful of them. While some make it because of their notorious deed, other make it for being deceptively beautiful. Here is the list of the most attractive female prisoners for whom you may just leave your home and go behind the bars.



1. Rachel Glenna




She was arrested and put behind the bars because she kicked a DJ flat in his face just because she did not like the way he dressed in a Halloween party. Simply lunatic.





2. Maeghan Rice




She is behind the bars because of second-degree murder. She just got involved with the wrong guy at a very young age and the guy paid the price.





3. Toni Lee Hopkins




She was arrested during a raid in a local strip club because she crossed all the limits as per the law of the land. Surely, she is entertaining the criminals well enough.





4. Lorena Tavera




She is a beauty queen and won many beauty contests. She was arrested for stealing dresses from shops thinking that no one would notice. Overconfidence!





5. Stacey Solberg




She was put behind the bars for assaulting a lot of people who came in contact with her. She wants someone to lift her spirits and be her guiding light.




6. Gabrielle Hill




She thought behind the mask of her beauty, she could do a rampant business of drug smuggling. Truth cannot be hidden for long.





7. Jenny Decoteau




She is behind the bars because she just beat the living hell out of her boyfriend for cheating her. Well, he deserved some beauty for breaking the heart of such a cute girl, but she took it too far. 




8. Jennifer Jensen




This is pure evil. She was caught on multiple occasion and the evil smile is very deceptive. She made sure she goods great even when posing for a mugshot. 




9. Tori Black




She is an adult film star and she is truly gorgeous. But she was arresting for her acting only. She was charged with domestic 'battery' which is the use of force to offend or harm some. 




10. Meagan Simmons




She went totally viral on the internet after her mugshot got released. She was arrested on alcohol and drug charges.




11. Shannon Csapilla




She was charged with first-degree criminal mischief and she caused a lot of troubles for neighbors. She used to write offensive words on the cars, paint on the wall with bad gestures and likewise.




12. Anisa Llega




She was arrested for exploiting local people by taking money citing a medical reason, but she used it to go on a vacation. She thought she si too smart but not so much in reality!



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