11 phenomenal facials that will leave you amazed with their results !!!


Makeup, pollution, pimples, UV rays blah blah……Just Fed up. Allow your skin to breath properly. Set it independent and relax for some hours. A facial is something which exfoliates and rejuvenates your skin thereby removing the blackheads and dead cells. Here I am with some wonderful facials and their effects. Just dig into the point…!!!!



1. Fruit Facial


These facials are very common and are made out of skin rejuvenating fruits like papaya, strawberries etc which cleanse the skin from deep and keeps your skin supple.






2. Herbal Facial


The herbal facial is recommended for all type of skin except pimple skin. Herbs like Rosemary, Lavender flowers, Fenugreek seed etc are used in this pack which helps in blood circulation and maintains the skin tone.






3. Chocolate Facial


The basic ingredient of chocolate facial is Cocoa which is rich in antioxidant and helps in slowing down the aging process. The therapeutic properties of cocoa protect the skin from UV rays and maintain the skin complexion.







4. Pearl Facial


Pearl facial is recommended for oily skin and not preferred in sensitive skin type. The essence of pearl helps to remove Tan and make the skin wrinkle free. It also adds an extra fairness to the skin which makes you feel younger.







5. Platinum Facial


The platinum facial helps to rejuvenate your skin and makes your skin breath. It revitalizes the cells and helps to make your skin fairer and smooth. It also maintains the moisture level of the skin and keeps it hydrated.







6. Diamond Facial


The Diamond facial is very beneficial for the people having dry or tanned skin. It adds an extra radiant to your skin by reducing fine lines in the face. It prevents skin from aging.





7. Silver Facial


Silver facial gives an instant glow to the dull skin by maintaining the PH balance of the skin and deep cleansing the skin pores. This facial is done to purify and detoxify the skin thereby giving you a charming look.







8. Gold Facial


This is the most common facial pack used by the brides. It helps to give a golden glow to your face and cures several skin problems like pigmentation, fine lines, wrinkles etc.







9. Stem cell Facial


Stem cell facial are the natural extract from the plant cells which helps in repair and replacement of the dead and damaged cells, which eventually helps in regeneration of cell giving your skin a younger look.






10. Gemstone Facial


Gemstone facial is now- a- days very popular among the working individuals because it gives a relaxation to the skin thereby healing the injured tissues. This pack also adds a luster to your skin and gives a fairer look.







11. Wine Facial


Last but not the least wine facial, it is the most effective face pack for all skin types. This facial makes the skin firm and maintains the skin tone as it is rich in antioxidants. Wine facial helps in removing dead cells and tan.





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