11 Most Haunted Places In Mumbai That Can Pop Your Eyeballs Out


Mumbai is the unofficial trade capital of India. The Indian Stock Exchange situated at Dalal Street is world-famous for trading in company stocks. Mumbai is also popular for Bollywood which is now an internationally recognized film industry. Amidst all such hues and noises, there are some haunted places in Mumbai as well that are meant for adventure because they are full of paranormal activities.



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1. Aarey Milk Colony




The main road that passes through the colony is one of the scariest places in Mumbai at night. There are frequent reports of seeing children, women and old men ghosts by drivers. This is the reason why they avoid it at late night. 





2.  Tower Of Silence




This is the place where dying people of the Parsi community were felt to be fed by vultures. Nobody dares to go to this place after evening, and many have felt uneasiness going nearby it at night.





3. Sanjay Gandhi National Park




This National Park is famous for its beauty and wild animals. It offers opportunities for the hikers. But quite a few people confessed that they saw people vanishing into thin air, and since then the park has been considered haunted.





4. St. John's Baptist Church




The church is situated in Andheri, and you should avoid this place at all cost. Once a priest tried to perform an exorcism, and scary sounds started coming out from within, and people started seeing high splashes in the nearby pond. All the fishes in the pond were found dead the next day.





5. Nasserwanj Wadi, Mahim Station 




It is one of the haunted places in Mumbai which is haunted by a murdered person who was burnt to death. The ghost tortured men and women who pass by the place late at night. Many have lost their lives in the process. 





6. Poonam Chambers




Once B wing of the buildings collapsed, and many died under the weight of the rubble. Since then security guards have been complaining to hearing door banging and steps on staircase sounds. Nobody stays in the office late at night. 





7. Grand Paradi Towers




The 8th floor of these towers is haunted by a scary ghost. Many have committed suicide, and other faced horrible tragedies. Even after performing exorcism rituals, nothing changed.





8. Aashirwad




This is the Bungalow of late Rajesh Khanna. It is said that after buying this Bungalow for a very cheap price from its owner, Rajesh Khanna started seeing the downfall in his career. When all his glory and success was over, he was scared to visit this Bungalow and used to stay in his office for most of the time.





9. Mukesh Mills




It is one of the favorite spots of Bollywood directors but almost all the time, the crew members have reported unusual activities, and they had to wrap up earlier than they thought.





10. The Taj Hotel




The Taj Hotel in Mumbai is the most famous hotel in India, and after the terrorist attack, the world knows its name. While building this structure, the architect made a big mistake, and he committed suicide. It is said that his ghost has been haunting the place even since.





11. A Courtroom In Bombay High Court





The courtroom has become a haunted room, and every time there is a case of murder trial going on, there would be some disturbance. It has been the case for 30 years, and the room has been locked out.



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