10 Most Haunted Places In Utah Where Trespassers Can Be Prosecuted!


Utah is a state of The USA which you may not have heard until now but be sure that you won't be able to forget it soon enough because of the haunted places in Utah and their stories which we are going to list below. The state is scattered with creepy places and you should never set foot in those places without a guide because you never know what is waiting for you.



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1. Moon Lake




This is a very beautiful place and hence, it draws a lot of tourists. Even some tourists camp there and stay at night. Those who had said that they saw a young girl's spirit with blue colored skin. 




2. Mercur Cemetery




This is one of the terrifying cemeteries in the state and people have heard galloping of horses and a phantom sitting on it. Sights of shadowy figures are very common. 




3. Old Tooele Hospital




The half of the hospital is haunted and many patients in the past have claimed seeing ghosts walking at night and then vanishing into the walls. It is classified as one of the haunted places in Utah by the paranormal activists.




4. Rock Canyon




Just like other Canyons, this is also a place for climbing heights but in the process, many have lost their lives. Many climbers have claimed seeing men standing on the top rocks and then vanishing in a splash of an eye. Some have seen them coming towards them and they had to jump out of scare only to meet death.




5. Tintic Mill




It is a deserted place now because of multiple ghost sighting reports. It is said that those who stay there at night never come back. It is in an isolated place and hence, no help can reach in time.




6. Bellshire Hospital 




It is a mental asylum where a psychiatrist used to torture his patients so much so that they used to commit suicide and their ghosts have been seen by many. Footsteps and loud noises can be heard at dark night.




7. Ben Lomond Hotel




Room No. 1102 is completely haunted and almost every person who stayed in that room reported paranormal activities like pushing by invisible hands. The hotel used to be a place of prostitution. 




8. Rio Grande Depot




The place is haunted by two notorious ghosts. One is a purple lady who annoys ladies in their restroom and another one is an old man who haunts people staying in the basement. 




9. Southern Utah University 




Several rooms and especially Arts Gallery are haunted by a spirit of a person who was murdered brutally. She was tied to a big stone while killing her savagely and the same rock was used to make the building. 




10. Mountain Meadows Massacre




It is considered to be one of the most haunting places in the entire USA. 100 to 150 people were killed here and since then passersby can hear screaming in the wind.  



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