10 Most Haunted Places In Kolkata That Can Freeze Your Blood


Kolkata is called the city of joy. But amidst this joy, there are many historic and popular places that have become a permanent resident of the ghosts and evil spirits. Here are the top 10 most haunted places in Kolkata you should avoid after dark at any cost.



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1. National Library




It is one of the most popular libraries in India and it is very crowded with all types of books.  But at night, the sounds of footsteps, books falling from the shelf and chairs moving from one place to the other have made it a creepy place.




2. Under Howrah Bridge




River Ganga flows under it, and people have complained that they have seen spooky hands in the water and voices and cries of asking people to save them from drowning. They are spirits, and they lure people to death by calling for help.




3. Nimtala Burning Ghat




It is believed that a demon comes to this place on the night of Kali puja and eats out fleshes of the burnt bodies.




4. Writers Building




There is a reason why nobody likes to work here at night. The large rooms of this building are haunted by notorious ghosts and loud screams can be heard.




5. Putulbari




The English translation is "House of Dolls". The building is untouched for years and people have reported hearing screams and noises from the inside and nobody dares to go inside it.




6. South Park Street Cemetery




It is a very famous tourist spot and many tourists have reported paranormal activities and some have captured disturbing photos as well.




7. Rabindra Sarobar Metro Station




This metro station has seen quite a few number of suicides and it is one of the most haunted places in Kolkata. The drivers have reported seeing ghostly figures, especially when driving the last train.




8. Hastings House




One of the most popular buildings of Kolkata and people have reported seeing a man riding a horse at night. Another story says that a boy died while playing football here and since then his ghost is haunting the place.




9. Wipro Office, Salt Lake




The third floor of Tower 3 of Wipro Office is completely haunted, and people are prohibited from visiting it. The story is that the building was built on a graveyard and somehow the third floor has become the abode of the haunted souls.




10. Lower Circular Road Cemetery




A civil servant of the British Era was buried here as he was brutally killed during an Afghan war. It is said that if someone narrates the story near his grave, the trees around it starts shaking.



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