10 Most Haunted Places In Florida That will Give You a Shocking Experience


There are many haunted places we here out from people or watch on TV, know from the internet. Visiting any haunted place is like doing something adventure. How any place gets haunted? It is just because something wearied things happened on that place, that gonna be feel by people. Also, it can be said that some superior power makes that place haunted. Let’s check out some most haunted places in Florida.


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1. The Plaza Resort and Spa – Daytona Beach, Florida 




After caught by fire many stories have been heard about this resort, one of security guard reported seeing something in the basement changing its shape and size. This is one of the most haunted places in Florida after the news of seeing ghost structure in camera.




2. The St. Augustine, Old Jail




After more than sixty years, it has been sensed some restless spiritual bodies on the ground especially because of the number of deaths occurred here, though the jail is stopped housing for the prisoners long years ago.





3. The May-Stringer House, Brooksville




It is haunted since the death of its owner. According to the staff, they felt cold air, mist, and shadows on some occasion and the ghost of little girl Jessie Mae, who went in search for her mother every night, noises of laughter was also heard.





4. Loews Don Cesar Hotel, St. Pete Beach




The iconic Pink Castle is rumored that this place is haunted by hotel’s original owner and his sweetheart. It has been said that ghost of the owner spotted in the dim light wearing white suit waiting for his girl.





5. St. Augustine Lighthouse




People mention in report hearing about the laughter of children or snatching their blanket by a child. Three children ghost is waving into this landmark also the smell of cigar smoke, and also seeing former keepers and his daughters who died when they slipped on wet rocks and fell into the ocean.





6. Evergreen Cemetery





People found it as a haunted place because of many restless souls has been spotted there by the people who actually went there for their beloved ones. Also, a Lady in black attire on top of the hill staring people and a girl speaking English from backward and blood ebbed from her eyes continuously.





7. The Princeton Hospital




It was reported about the “Dead Eyes on the Third Floor.” On 2nd and 3rd floor something weird activities happen like electric bulb gets on and off of its own. It has also been said that a man is spotted staring at nurses and doctor. 





8. The Tampa Theater




People told about the ghost appearance at the stage. People says that a ghost of a man waits for his fiancé there. Also, many unrealistic things happened at the Tampa Theater by the people visited there.





9. The Cassadaga




The Cassadaga at Florida is known as the spiritual center of the world and also the most haunted place in Florida that is listed by the paranormal companies. It has a number of physic and spiritualists in this area. Many places are rumored to be haunted at Cassadaga.





10. The Biltmore Hotel – Miami




Something overwhelming goes there inside the hotel, many staff person has reported the fatty ghost standing near the bed of room on 13th floor, and also paranormal investigation group spotted fatty welcoming the company in the hotel. 



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