10 Matches That Can Make WrestleMania 33 A Dream Come True Event!


For all WWE fans around the world, April is the month of WrestleMania – The Grandest Stage Of Them All. Wrestlemania is not just a show anymore, it has become a festival. This year WWE celebrates the 33rd anniversary of WrestleMania and the expectations are really high because the last season was rather disappointing. Today, we are going to look at those top ten matches that can make WrestleMania 33 the best of all time. Book them, Vince!



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1. John Cena Vs The Undertaker




This is the most anticipated match of all time and fans are dying to see these two living legends compete for one last time in their lives. But Vince won't book it because he is in too much love with Romain Reigns.




2. Roman Reigns Vs Goldberg




The battle of spears and who could hit it better would be put to test. Turn Roman a heel because Goldberg is the biggest face in WWE at present. It could be epic if promoted and booked in the right way rather than Goldberg beating Lenser within a minute.




3. Brock Lesnar Vs Kevin Owens




KO has already said that his dream match would be with Brock Lensar. The two could pull off the best match of WrestleMania 33 and the two beasts will tear each other up for glory.




4. Triple H Vs Shane McMahon




The relationship between Triple H and Shane is not that great and we all know that. We also know that Vince loves to book matches based on real life situations. This could be thoroughly entertaining and a  match worth WrestleMnia 33.




5. AJ Styles Vs The Undertaker




Aj Styles is undoubted the best superstar in WWE right now and if Undertaker is going to retire this year, it is only befitting to see Taker and AJ put up the match of the century – The Phenom Vs The Phenomenal One. 




6. AJ Styles Vs Nakamura




Though Nakamura is in NXT but for the sake of WrestleMania, the only match that can steal the spotlight and leave the world stunned in this battle of two icons who are the best of their generation. The thought of the match is enough to give ou goosebumps. 




7. The Phenom Vs The Demon King




Undertaker is surely the focal point of any WrestleMania and the showdown between The Undertaker and The Demon King Finn Balor could blow the roof off. Since Undertaker is already 51, you just need to see this match happening.




8. The Shield Vs The Bullet Club




Everyone is dying to see the reunion of the Shield with Roman Reigns, Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins. What could be more epic than to see them fight again the Bullet Club consisting of AJ Styles Or Even Finn Balor. 




9. Brock Lesnar Vs Samoa Joe




This match has the caliber to go o the main event of WrestleMania 33 and these two beasts would go into a war with one another and it is really difficult to imagine the outcome because the match matters more than the actual outcome.




10. Daniel Bryan Vs AJ Styles




Well, this is just a fantasy match but if there could a match that has the potential to be the best match of all time, you have the two best superstars to do it for you, Vince. Make this happen.


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