10 Lazy Recipes You Can Make Without Any Help

When you’re tired of messy food or your parents are shouting at you to help out more in the kitchen, these simple recipes will save your ass.


Check out the top list of lazy recipes


1. Overnight Oatmeal



Source: Deliciously Directionless


This is as easy and as healthy as it gets. Make these a night before and voila in the morning you just have to get them out of the refrigerator and eat. Ideal breakfast for those who like to ignore their alarms and sleep in a little but still want something delicious and healthy for breakfast.


Recipe here.



2. Grilled Cheese Sandwich




Source: Deliciously Directionless


This is the holy grail of tasty and easy food. Who doesn’t love a grilled cheese sandwich. So the next time you’re watching the movie Chef and drooling when Jon Favreau makes that Grilled Cheese Sandwich, you can follow this easy recipe and satisfy your hunger.

Recipe here.



3. Masala Buttermilk



Source: simpleindianrecipes


For those summer days where you don’t want to eat anything, you just want to drink something that will quench your thirst, buttermilk is perfect for that. Add some masala to it and it becomes the perfect summer drink. All the ingredients for this can be easily found at home.


Recipe here.



4. Kolkata Egg Roll




Source: playfulcooking


When you are craving for street food but don’t really have the money or the intention to go outside, you can satiate yourself with these yum Kolkata Egg Rolls. You can make these with leftover chapattis from lunch and without much hard work.


Recipe here.




5. Bread Pizza



Source: vegrecipesofindia


There are times when the body demands pizza. At those times you can whip up  an easy Bread Pizza that doesn’t even require an oven, you can make it in the pan with the help of this step by step recipe.


Recipe here.




6. Street Masala Maggi



Source: inhouserecipes


Maggi is something that is synonymous with our childhood. But to be honest, sometimes plain old Maggi seems a little bland and dull. Spruce up your Maggi with this step by step recipe and thank me later for this easy treat.


Recipe here.



7. Chocolate Chip Ice Cream



Source :sugarnspicebyradhika


What if I told you that you can whip up your own Chocolate Chip Ice Cream in 5 minutes and it’s low fat too? Although this sounds too good to be true, you’ll realize it’s true when you read this wonderful recipe.


Recipe here.




8. Poha



Source :vegrecipesofindia


Poha or flattened rice is something you will find in almost every Indian household. This easy Potato Poha recipe is as tasty as it is filling. For a bonus experience, make yourself some tea to go with your Poha and just enjoy your day.


Recipe here.



9. 5 Ingredient Garlic Chicken



Source :tallrecipes


This one’s for all you non-vegetarians out there. You can make lip smacking Garlic Chicken with less than 5 ingredients with this recipe. So go on, impress your friends with this seemingly complex but actually easy dish.


Recipe here.




10. Cookie Bars with Oreos and Gems



Source :sugarnspicebyradhika


If you are a dessert fan but are afraid of all the techniques and tricks required for making them, this one’s for you. Also look how gorgeous these Cookie Bars are. Drooling already!



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