10 Kolkata Foods you should never miss on your visit to the city


In India where ever you go, you will find different types of food every state have their own type of food. Like that Kolkata is also famous for some sweet food.

Kolkata. This city is so proudly enthralling. Kolkata has an irresistible magic no other Indian city can compete with Kolkata and when it comes to food, Kolkata is so famous for snacks to sweet dishes, We have a short list of that food so let's check that may be after checking that you will feel to visit Kolkata to eat this delicacies food.

Here are 10 things you should definitely eat when you visits Kolkata.


1. Thandai/Kulfi 




In Kolkata Kulfi is the perfect desert in summer days. It is frozen dessert garnished with pistachios and almonds.

Best Place: Ralli's.



2.  Jhalmuri




If you love street food than this Jhalmuri is made for you. There is Muri mixed with peanuts, coriander, and other spices. Jhalmuri is a snack which you can get in every corner of the street in Kolkata.

Best Place: Maidan



3. Kolkata Biryani



We ate many types of Biryani's but this Biryani is different. Kolkata biryani has a different smell of desi ghee which is mixed with masalas and pieces of mutton which are cooked with rice. You must not miss this dish.

Best Place: Arsalan & Royal




4. Macher Jhol (Fish-curry)




Fish curry is the routine food of Kolkata, and it is found almost everywhere in Kolkata. So if you want to eat this curry and you can't find restaurant then just go to any Bengali's house and they will offer you this dish.

Best Place: Bhajahori Manna.



5.  Kochuri – Torkari – Jilebi.




This dish is the combination of sweet, salt and spice and it is a perfect combo. 

Best Place : Maharaja/Maharani.



6. Mughlai Paratha



The Mughlai Parathas are fried and there are egg and minced meat inside it. Egg and minced meat add more taste in it which keep your finger licking.  

Best Place:  Basanta Cabin



7. Tibetan Food




Though you ate Tibetan food but this street Tibetan Food which you can see in the picture are so tasty you must try it once.  

Best Place: Territi Bazaar.



8. Roshogolla



We all have eaten rasgullas anywhere but there is no point of it if you haven't eaten in Kolkata. Roshogolla is the special dish from Kolkata, you must try it in Kolkata then you will get the real taste of it. 


Best Place: K.C Das & Bheem Nag


9. Kathi Rolls



Have you ever heard about Franky? Yes, it is the almost same thing. But in Indian style, we always do eat fast food and junk food but we forgot to eat this awesome food from our culture.


Best Place: Hot Kati Roll at Dharamsala



10. Phuchka



Never heard this name! check image may be you will get an idea, If not let me tell you what it is. We know Phuchka with the different name we use Pani-Puri Or Golgappe for it. This is so famous snack in all over India. Almost all peoples love to eat this.


Best Place: Dilipda's Phuchkas at Vivekananda Park



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