10 Haunted Places in Oklahoma Are Nothing Less Than Hell!


Oklahoma is a popular state of the United States Of America, and coincidentally, Oklahoma City is its capital. Local people like to call it by short form OK. Oklahoma is rather a peaceful state, but there are many places that show its spooky nature. Here are top 10 haunted places in Oklahoma that you should know and avoid. 



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1. Blanchard Cemetery




This place is haunted by a tall man's spirit, and it makes strange sounds in the ears of the visitors especially at night. Many claimed that they had seen the ghost waving at them as if he is called them ti him.




2. Stone Lion Inn




The third floor of this haunted Inn is said to be occupied by a child and a man. The spirit of the child touches the cheek of occupants in the third floor while the man's spirit appears with a smoking pipe.




3. Brady Theater




It is said that the theater is haunted by the spirit of a well-trained singer who died in the theater live during his performance. Passerbys at night have heard his songs coming from the theater at a very high pitch. 




4. Veteran's Lake




Visiting this lake after the evening is prohibited by the locals because they believe that any visitor can be pulled into the lake by the spirits who become active after dark. The spirits are believed to be of a woman and her daughter who got drowned in the lake.




5. Blue Belle Saloon




The daughter of the owner of this salon was beaten to death, and ever since then, people have complained that they see hazy apparitions and weird noises. Even the owner and her second daughter died under suspicious circumstances.




6. Mohawk Park and Golf Course




This is one of the most favorite places of the paranormal researchers. As the dark of the evening sets it, the place turns into Hell. The weird outcry, banging on bathroom doors, an appearance of strange lights and sudden cold waves even in hot days are very commonly observed. 




7. Cain's Ballroom




There are real proofs of this ballroom being completely haunted. This is a historic building, and visitors always feel like they are being watched. Lights get turned on and off automatically, a sudden rush of wind, sound of footsteps, singing voices and outcry can be heard at night.




8. McDonald's – Idabel




A little girl's spirit has been reported to be wandering in men's restroom, and giggles can be heard. Sometimes, the computers in the billing section start malfunctioning and then get ok all by itself. 




9. Wheelock Mission




The place is considered to be one the top haunted places in the entire United States. One can see trees bleeding, young girls hanging from the roof who were once murdered in this place. The thirsty spirit is always in revenge seeking mood.




10. Hillside Cemetery




There is a particular grave with name Witch's Grave that is haunted and people have reported hair rising noises and scary faces of a ghost appearing out of nowhere. 



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