10 Haunted Places In Alabama That Can Give You A Heart Attack In Daylight!


Alabama is one of the lesser known states of the United States even though it has the longest inland waterways which are fully navigable. Only those who research on paranormal activities know Alabama very well because it is an abode of many haunted souls. Across the entire states, there are many notable haunted places, and the stories behind them can take your night sleep off. Here are the top 10 haunted places in Alabama among them.



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1. Maple Hill Cemetery 





Back in the 1960s, the city was very violent, and there were reports of abduction of hundreds of children. Later, the dead bodies of those children were found in Maple Hill Cemetery which used to be a playground back in those time. Ever since then there are many reports where inhabitants in nearby areas stated that they could hear loud laughter of children after 10 p.m. and it lasts until midnight. 




2. Sloss Furnaces




This is one of the most haunted places on the Earth and is situated in Birmingham. Back in the 1900s, there was a very cruel supervisor named James Wormwood. One day he fell in a pool of molten iron ore and died a tragic death. Ever since then, workers have reported many paranormal activities like a sudden push in the back, supervisors found unconscious locked in a room and likewise.




3. Moundville Archeological Park




People living nearby have reported mysterious noises and paranormal activities. Moundville has nearly 25 mounds, and in the archeological park, there is a mound in the perfect shape of a pyramid. People have reported hearing drum sounds and colorful lights coming out of this pyramid-shaped mound. 




4. Winston House




It is situated in Tuscumbia, and it so happened that Judith Winston was the owner of the house who died in a tornado under the rubble. The house was then used as a place for event management, and there are reports of rattling chairs by the spirit of Mrs. Winston and appearance of white spirits in the hall room and windows at night.




5. Fort Morgan




This is an attractive spot for tourists because of its historical importance, and the tourists have no idea how scary this place is. There are many reports, and recording of a prisoner crying who hung himself here and the desperate shout of young women could be heard at night who were drugged, raped and murdered in the Fort.




6.  Bear Creek Swamp




It is situated in Prattville, and there are reports of the appearance of cars out of nowhere, strange lights appearing from the roadside plantations, and some claim that they have seen 4 feet tall aliens in the place.  Avoid driving by the side of this swamp at night. 




7.  Main Street Strip




People who live in this place, they do not go out in the street because there are thousands of reports where people have claimed that they have felt a sudden coldness and goosebumps out of nowhere in their bodies even when it is a really hot night. 




8. Highway 5 In Lynn




A girl died in a tragic accident on this highway when an 18-wheeler truck ran over her. Since then, her spirit has led to many accidents on this highway whereby she suddenly appears on the road. 




9. Bass Cemetery




This cemetery has tombs wide open with dead body missing. Several reports of paranormal activities have been registered in the nearby police station. 




10. Boyington Oak




An oak tree rose from the grave of Charles Boyington who was executed even after being innocent. People have seen Boyington's spirit sitting under the tree even in daylight.



In your are planning to go to Alabama for some reason, it is better that you avoid going to these top 10 haunted places in Alabama for your own safety. 



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