10 Funny Comics That Depict What Being A 20 Something Female Is Like


Because being a girl in her 20s is no piece of cake. Oh, do we have cake? I’d like some cake right now.







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It involves dealing with moms are always on the prowl for a good match for you!







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Being a 20 something female means spending a lot of time answering and avoiding questions that deal with your relationships and when you’re getting married.






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It also includes dealing with people who think you look tired/sad without your makeup and you should not step out without it. And some people who say things like ‘Real girls don’t wear makeup.’ My face, my rules bro.







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It is a lot about making a workout plan and giving up after 2 days. And trying to exercise looking at YouTube videos and miserably falling.






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It’s about falling under the spell of some new trend no matter how ridiculous it is. Hey, those Maroon lips do look good on me, shut up.







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A lot of it is about dealing with a moody Uterus. Stressing about not getting a period and then not getting a period because of the stress.






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And when the period does decide to pay a visit, it’s all hell.






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It’s also about finding love. Finding a love strong enough that you’re comfortable with not shaving your body for an eternity.






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It’s about forging strong bonds with fellow females and supporting your girls no matter what.






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And a LOT of the time, it’s simply about setting men who won’t understand what No means straight.

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