10 food stuffs for your diet that amazingly boost your s*x drive

Doing sex often is good for your metabolism and taking healthy food rich in vitamins and protein enhances your libido. There is some food that drastically boosts your s*x power and a great sex leads to a fantastic lifestyle.

So, just forget about Viagra to be in the mood. There is some natural aphrodisiac that boosts your sex drive. Just have a look and try it.


1. Strawberry


Red itself makes us understand regarding the love and consuming strawberries can add vitality to your sex life. It contains libido enhancer that revitalizes the sex drive there by giving an intense ORGASM






2. Avocados


Having a great sex required that much of energy and libido. Avocados contains all the sex vitamins like vitaminB6, folic acid, and vitamin E which enhance the oxygen flow in the body thereby doing a great act on the BED






3. Chilies pepper


Red and hot chilies really can make you even hotter. Chilies promote the secretion of chemicals like endorphins which raise the heartbeat and eventually trigger the FIRE inside. You mood changes to do something NAUGHTY






4. Garlic


Ick it's garlic!!! Many of us may not like this due to its peculiar smell but consuming garlic in the diet can add aroma in your Love life. It contains allicin which built the heat inside the body resulting in secretion of TESTOSTERONE






5. Basil


The aroma of basil not only adds a flavor to your food but also adds vibrant colors to your sex life. It promotes the blood flow inside the body by making you excited and aroused you to do SEX






6. Watermelon


Watermelon is the seasonal fruit of summer. It contains lycopene, Citrulline, and beta-Carotene which helps in relaxing the bold vessels which ultimately boost the sex drive there by making your summer even HOTTER






7. Figs


Fig is the sexiest and erotic fruit according to its appearance. Figs pink fleshy look said to slightly resemble with women unmentionables. The fruit is a rich source of iron and potassium mineral that boost the SEXUAL DESIRE






8. Almonds


Almond is regarded as the nuts of fertility in ancient times. It is rich in vitamin E, fats, and fibers that enhance the sexual desire. It basically arouses passion in females. So have it and enjoy your wife’s SEDUCTIVE ACT






9. Pomegranate


The bright red color seeds of this fruit contain the antioxidant that boosts up the sexual vigor. It is believed that intake of pomegranate increase the genital sensitivity. So, give it a try and add the color of love to your SEX LIFE






10. Banana


Its shape and structure have an obvious connection with the sexuality. It contains potassium, magnesium, and vitamin B which stimulate the secretion of Sex hormones which basically boost op the male LIBIDO



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