Stunning FIFA Football World Cup Records That Might Never Be Broken

There is a saying that records are meant to be broken but there are always some records that are just too much to scale up. The football world cup is on its way and today, we look back at some of the most spectacular records ever created in this beautiful game. These records are one of its kind and if you are a football pundit, you should have these records at the tip of your tongue and you can safely place your bets against these records in this year’s football world cup.

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Highest Attendance –

In the year 1950, the highest attendance record in a FIFA World Cup match is 173,830 in Maracana and the match was between Brazil and Uruguay. The stadium had concrete grandstands and there were no seats. Currently, there is no stadium to accommodate so many people. The largest stadium has a capacity of 150,000.

Most Goals In The World Cup –

Germany’s striker Miroslav Klose holds the record of scoring a total of 16 goals in 24 matches he played in 2002. He was fortunate to lift the cup for his team in 2014. It is not impossible but highly difficult to break this record because the career span of a footballer is very less to play in the team for multiple world cups.

Player WIth Most Goals In One Match –

Russian player Oleg Salenko scored 5 goals in a single match in 1994 and even after two decades, the record is yet to be broken. It will take a miracle to break this record because these dates all the teams are good enough to prevent any striker to score 6 goals back to back.

Player WIth Most Matches  –

As stated earlier that there are so many talented footballers coming up every year that it is difficult to make it to the professional team in multiple world cups. Lothar Matthaeus holds the record of playing 25 FIFA matches in the world cup.

Fastest Send-Off –

The last thing a football player would want in a world cup match is getting sent off the field with a red card. The worst scenario happened with Steven Gerrard in the worst possible way. He got sent off under a minute but the record of fastest send off is held by Celtic striker Lee Todd who was sent off in just two seconds for saying the f-word to the referee as he complained that he blew the whistle too loud.

Fastest Goal –

It took the Turkish team only 10.8 seconds to score a goal something that cannot be broken by any team it seems. Well, Belgium’s Benteke scored the goal in 8.1 seconds in the qualifier match.

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