10 Best Ice Hotels of the World to Chill Your Body and Soothe Your Soul!


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Snow/Ice and everything related to it is an instant button to trigger the traveling conscience inside us. Nature’s snow white sheeting is not just pleasing to the eyes but soothes the whole soul.


Staying in Snow?


That may just be the right, novel trip experience that you are looking for! Here are top 10 Best Ice Hotels of the World that you want to choose from for your next excursion.





1. IceHotel, Sweden


The small village of Jukkasjarvi in Northern Sweden offers the pleasant and extraordinary experience of staying in the IceHotel, made up annually of pieces from frozen River Torne. 200km above the Arctic Circle, the guests enjoy the tranquility of the sun at the late Arctic dawn and the romanticism of the blue dusk beside activities like husky sledding, cross-country skiing, ice driving etc.







2. Balea Ice Hotel, Romania


The only ice hotel in Romania, Balea Ice Hotel gets its name from Balea Lake that it is situated at and is made up of. Surrounded by the beauty of Fagaras Mountains at around 2000m above sea level, the guests enjoy a peaceful stay at this hotel with the workmanship of local craftsmen who use ice blocks from a frozen river to construct the hotel and carve the ice beds.







3. Snow Village, Kittila


Putting up at a fascinating 200,000m above Polar Circle, Snow Village is a beautiful ice hotel offering unique rooms with ice furniture and decoration. In just a 20 minute drive from Yllas, you can reach this serene place for a comfortable stay and enjoy the restaurants and various activities like reindeer safari, dog sledding trip, ice fishing, and snowmobile.







4. Kirkenes Snow Hotel, Norway


Kirkenes Snow Hotel is has located 10 km. from Kirkenes in the magnificence of northern Norway. It offers wooden cottages with traditional-inspired architecture all year round. Guests can enjoy fishing, hiking and king crab rafting in the summers. In winters, it offers special arctic themed suites, snow sculptures and activities like snowmobiling, husky riding, and northern light tours. Bliss!







5. Snow Castle, Finland


The exquisite and gorgeous Snow Castle was built in Kemi in 1996 as a dedication to all the kids in the world. Offering the world’s largest snow restaurant with a space to seat 200 guests, Snow Castle also charms with Snow Chapel for an indelible wedding ceremony. The lovely ice carved rooms, ice sculptures with lights, Snow Castle Exhibition and Gemstone Gallery are cherry on the top.








6. Sorrisniva Igloo Hotel, Norway


Sorrisniva Igloo Hotel prides being the world’s northernmost hotel on the banks of Alta River in Sorrisniva, Norway. It is the largest ice hotel in Norway, 2500m2 in the area and the interiors, as well as the exteriors of this hotel, are changed every year. You can enjoy the coolness and calmness of the place with marvelous snow rooms, suites, ice chapel, ice bar and ice sculptures.







7. Hotel de Glace, Canada


The first ice hotel in North America, Hotel de Glace is located in the Quebec City of Canada. It takes 1.5 months to create this glory with hotel’s “customized” snow to accord with the humidity of the place. 50 workers contribute their efforts into this hotel, which can be celebrated between January and April. Ice Café, Chapel, Bars, Grand Slide and Jazz & Hockey Suites are attractions you don’t want to miss here!







8. Kakslauttanen Arctic Resort, Finland


Kakslauttanen Arctic Resort in Finland is world famous for the mesmerizing glass igloos with the warmth and coziness of the log cabin. It is seriously a perfect place to observe and get hypnotized by the curiously beautiful northern lights and sleep under the stars, like literally. Lappish wilderness with the luxury of warm surroundings and saunas definitely make it an unforgettable stay in here.







9. Schneedorf Igloo, Austria


Schneedorf Igloo, situated 2000m above sea level, is a beautiful part of Austria’s first igloo village. One igloo homes up to 4 persons, all of whom are bound to get captivated in the sheer divinity of the Alps. The guests can aesthetically please their bodies and minds with the lovely atmosphere and sunsets over the mountain tops by staying at this exotic hotel.







10. Village Igloo Avoriaz, France


Village Igloo Morzine-Avoriaz, located near the Avoriaz Ski Lift in Avioraz, France is one of the best ice hotels of the world, with ski-to-door service and sun terrace. It is built each winter from the scratch and a talented team of 10 ice sculptors and professionals work on it, carving 150 m2 of caves and corridors in around 21 days. Gear up and enjoy this unique experience like no other!






Ooooh! Feeling the chill? Hope you enjoyed the article. Let us know your experiences of staying in these or any other ice hotel. Cheers!




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