10 Best Honeymoon Destinations in the World


Yeah, we know that you have recently been through the hustle and bustle of the wedding: all your crazy in-laws who gathered at your house and turned your sweet home into a pandemonium but all of it was worth it, wasn’t it?

Because now you get to start your life with your soul mate, but the even better thing is: there is a honeymoon waiting for you. Want to know the best honeymoon destinations in the world which will help you create amazing honeymoon memories, well then stay with me until the end.




1. Italy


This place full of classic charm and medieval romance. The appealing art, prodigious culture, the elaborative museums, and churches attract many couples every month be it September or February (the month for all lovey-dovey). This wine country is always the best destination to spend the time with your beloved.






2. Paris


Well, just the mention of this place sparks romance in between the couple. The walk and the selfie section at the Eiffel Tower. The museum tours, opera shows, and last but not the least ‘shopping’ will make the experience to Paris everlasting.






3. Fiji


Avoiding those jam-packed tourist places is what really a newly wed want. A mystical place surrounded with coruscating waters. A private beach with a stunning view, jungle treks, colorful culture, snorkeling, hot springs and a sunrise view to beat all others, makes Fiji one of the best honeymoon destination place. However, Fiji has uninhabited islands, but couples can visit there as it's a favorite shooting spot.







4. Mexico


One of the most prominent places for all those ‘party lover’ couples. An exotic destination with an appetizing cuisine. A place where beaches will never leave you alone.  A home to the creation of chocolate. Mexico will never bore a couple as there are various entertainment options like

golf courses, spas, beautiful swimming locations, archaeological zones, museums, nature parks, bars, and nightclubs.






5. Greece


Greece will make a couple fall in love all over again. A place full of history and mythology with beaches, ancient architecture, and the contemporary one. Sailing on a yacht with an incredible three-course meal while watching the sunset will be a timeless memory for a luxury lover couple.






6. Florida


A place with an affordable adventure and a quiet time with your beloved will always keep Florida on the list. The beaches with a spectacular view, long drive around the romantic and the charming state combined with Disney resort and the cruise to the Bahamas will make the trip worth it.







7. Hawaii


A magical island solemnly for love and romance will make the best destination for the couple who loves to lounge by the beach, and the pool is sunbathing themselves and also the ones who want to explore the tropical heaven of the earth. With a cuisine to die for, the admirable culture and various tourist places Hawaii are one of the best destination.






8. California


California can be a perfectly enjoyable honeymoon destination.The honeymoon package consists of many incredible experiences like great natural sceneries, great weather, and Hollywood. Wait! Do we need to say more?






9. Thailand


Thailand is already labeled as a most popular honeymoon destination. Ko Samui is an awesome attraction for honeymooners as it is an awesome island with a wide array of stunning beaches.






10. Jamaica


If you are in search of romantic gateway into the wilderness with vibrant nightlife then Jamaica is the perfect pic for you. Jamaica provides amazing honeymoon experiences with forest rides, mouthwatering restaurants and a lot more.




In a nut shell be it Greece or Mexico or any place you choose but don’t miss your honeymoon.





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